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He was saying that he doesn't camber any of his blades anymore. If there were any track marks, they were very subtle.

In todays mostly hobbyist market, that would be a false assumption. I had an old Sargent smoother that was a terrific user plane.

Now that I have a 4 1/2 and an 8, I haven't been using the 5 1/2 as much. I personally own several Sargent planes and they are excellent tools.

I might put a big camber on it and use it as a "Jack Plane", in the old sense, to remove a lot of wood fast. Most of the Craftsman planes were actually made by Sargent.

Both of the Craftsman planes turned out to be serviceable users once tuned up.

gdblake Except for a new bronze Lie Nielsen #4, all of my planes are '70s vintage Record planes, purchased new.

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