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The following headings will try to address the issues arising from the multi-layered approach to the governance of ‘pornographic-content’ on the Internet.

Student at the Centre for Criminal Justice Studies, Law Faculty, University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT. For further information see 1997-2000, Yaman Akdeniz.UK obscenity legislation has recently been amended by the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 (‘ CJPOA 1994’) to deal with the specific problem of Internet pornography.(13) The following will show, however, that there are difficulties with the application of existing national laws to a medium such as the global Internet which does not have any borders.Obscene Publications Act 19 These two statutes constitute the major legislation to combat pornographic material of any kind in the UK.What is considered simply sexually explicit but not obscene in England may well be obscene in many other countries; conversely what is considered lawful but not pornographic in Sweden may well be obscene under the current UK legislation.This chapter will discuss two different issues: the regulation of potentially harmful content such as pornography on the Internet; and regulation of invariably illegal content such as child pornography.

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